Addiction Supportive Housing Program

Program Description:

The Addiction Housing Case Manager will provide support services to those individuals living in newly funded supportive housing units under the Supportive Housing for people with problematic substance use. It is the objective to reduce frequency of re-admissions to addiction programs, particularly withdrawal management services. To increase housing stability for people with problematic substance use and with concurrent disorders. To reduce pressure on the emergency care systems, and reduce contact with the criminal justice system.

The Case Manager will provide individualized support and services relating to the housing and problematic substance use needs of clients.

The Case Manager will assist clients to maintain stability in the community through services designed to address their problematic substance use needs as well as their accommodations according to their needs and choices. The Case Manager will facilitate access to services for individuals with problematic substance use who are currently homeless, at risk of becoming homeless or who are being released from a community treatment facility and require housing. The purpose of this position is to reduce re-admission rates by ensuring that clients have community supports and treatment options in the community, thus reducing their chance of relapse.


The referral process will be through various community agencies such as Canadian Mental Health Association, Nipissing Detoxification & Substance Abuse Program, Crisis Intervention, Mental Health Clinic, Community Crisis Outreach Program. We will be using a form called the Common Referral to refer clients that community partners will have access to. The form is currently being updated to represent the ASH Program.


We have been funded for 16 Addiction Supportive Housing units in the community to be supported by the Case Manager.


To provide hope to those who desire recovery from their substance abuse and addiction through self-help and professional guidance in a safe and therapeutic shared environment.