Residential Recovery Program

Residential Recovery Program


Each resident entering our service is assessed using the provincial standardized assessment tools ADAT – Admission, Discharge and Treatment. Each resident is not only assessed on admission, but also throughout their residency with individual counselling and weekly client reviews by the counselling team.

Case Management and Referrals

Each resident is advocated for, liaison and referred to community services depending on each individual needs. These services may include health care, medical clinics, mental health organizations, financial services and other therapies.

Meals and Lodging

All meals are prepared to optimize & promote healthy eating habits. Most rooms are single occupancy with the exception of 4 rooms which are double occupancy. The North Bay Recovery Home is also wheelchair accessible.

Individual Counselling

Each resident receives weekly one on one counselling from a trained and certified counsellor in the fields of addictions and concurrent disorders. All counselling is client driven and client focused. In counselling, a resident may explore issues of addiction, relapse, health (mental, physical and emotional), family, life skills, anger, budgeting, time management, employment, guilt and shame. The issues are explored using therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.

Morning Meditations

Each morning, residents start the day in a positive fashion by participating in a group inspirational reading and discussion.

Group Therapy

In daily group therapy sessions residents have the opportunity to experience peer affirmations and feedback in a positive and respectful manner facilitated by members of the counsellor team. Topics may include: the 12 steps of recovery, recovery enhancement, coping strategies, relationships, anger management, life skills, stress management, co-dependency, STIs, harm reduction, health and safety. These topics are covered by group therapy, group discussions, lectures, videos, and presentations from outside agencies or organizations

Three Quarter Status

Individuals nearing completion of their programming at the North Bay Recovery Home can be offered a transition/bridging period where they are able to search for housing and employment. Through this transition period individuals needing assistance in budgeting and resume development are provided services through their counsellors or other community agencies.

Crisis Intervention/Walk Ins

The Recovery Home’s location and structure provides a welcoming environment for individuals entering our centre for services. Many past residents return when in need of information, direction and referrals. Past residents are aware that the North Bay Recovery Home was once their home and will always remain available to them.

Self-Help Groups

All residents are encouraged to attend self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, as these self-help groups can provide support that is cost effective and available throughout most communities in the country. These self-help groups can also support individuals through contact with other people in recovery.



To provide hope to those who desire recovery from their substance abuse and addiction through self-help and professional guidance in a safe and therapeutic shared environment.